List of Workshops

WS 1: The grammaticalization of manner expressions into complementizers

Convenors: Caroline Gentens & Kasper Boye


WS 2: Towards a diachronic typology of middle voice

Convenors: Guglielmo Inglese & Andrea Sansò


WS 3: The grammar of thinking: Comparing reported thought and reported speech across languages

Convenors: Daniela Casartelli, Pekka Posio, Silvio Cruschina & Stef Spronck


WS 4: Derivational zero affixes

Convenors: Gianina Iordăchioaia & Chiara Melloni


WS 5: Multifunctionality and syncretism in non-finite forms

Convenors: Ksenia Shagal, Pavel Rudnev and Anna Volkova


WS 6: Neglected syntactic functions and non-syntactic functions of Applicative Morphology

Convenors: Sara Pacchiarotti & Fernando Zúñiga


WS 7: Discourse phenomena in typological perspective

Convenors: Alessandra Barotto & Simone Mattiola


WS 8: Contact and the architecture of language faculty

Convenors: Maria Rita Manzini & Greta Mazzaggio


WS 9: New perspectives on word order flexibility

Convenors: Savithry Namboodiripad, Natalia Levshina & Alex Kramer


WS 10: Theoretical, applied and experimental perspectives on the influence of English today

Convenor: Anabella-Gloria Niculescu-Gorpin


WS 11: Discourse marker use: From production to comprehension

Convenors: Liesbeth Degand & Maria Josep Cuenca


WS 12: It-clefts: Syntax, evolution, typology

Convenors: Caterina Bonan & Adam Ledgeway